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I am very influenced by my grandfather K. Hugo Segerborg, once head of the Royal Art School in Stockholm, and by all the places I have lived. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, my dream was to study art. Due to my father's wishes, I became a teacher instead.

Early in adulthood, my teaching took me to Sundsvall, in the north of Sweden, and even farther north to Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. This was the beginning of my exposure to many different ways of life. After Lapland, I spent ten years in Montreal, Canada, then moved to Hong Kong.

For almost thirty years, I have lived in America with my husband, Frank McDonald: first in Greenwich, CT and since 1998 in Yarmouth, ME. I have had the opportunity to study art in New York and in Portland, ME.

Living amidst all these cultures has formed my character and approach to life. For me, painting is a celebration of life. I see my life in warm and happy colors and that is reflected in my work.